He estado revisando muchos textos sobre el nuevo papel de las PR con los medios interactivos, web 2.0 y las nuevas formas de hacer noticia y de los nuevos reporteros.

Es dificil revisar tanta información, hacerte de una opinión y después aplicarla a la realidad. La verdad es que PR está atrasado, pero también marketing en general... y es frustrante saber eso y pensar que debes de aplicar todo este conocimiento a una cuenta o a una marca. Es también una oportunidad, para crear, aprender y renovar.

En noviembre se realizó un evento que se llamó Is social media killing PR. Uno de los exponentes, hizo un resumen de qué deben hacer las empresas relacionadas con PR para mantenerse actuales. Me pareció interesante... Les pongo un resumen pero para más info, porfa visiten http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2008/11/13/business-opportunities-for-the-evolved-pr-agency/

Four Business Opportunities for the Evolved PR Agency:
1) Enhance Existing Functions First of all, some things that are already in place need more focus, for example, it was discussed last night that now that influencers (press, media, bloggers, analysts, customers) can directly be reached by clients –PR professionals can be bypassed. In fact, when you look closely,
everyone’s doing press, analysis and media.
A) Be a filter for clients: There’s a tremendous amount of noise now being created, creating an opportunity for PR folks to filter, sort, and prioritize what matters. You’ll need both access and understanding of brand monitoring tools as well as the ability to see patterns in the noise.B) Council rather than conduit: Although strategic council has been happening for many years, now that clients and influencers can connect directly, this could result in a business shift resulting in more focus on coaching, less on pitching. Mary Trigiani
suggests the same.
C) Extend Social Strategy: Most firms don’t have a strategic response to social media across the whole firm. While the young digital natives may use these pervasive tools, they lack strategic insight, yet the immigrant executives don’t fully understand how these tools change the communication lines.
2) Differentiate Two potential customers were at the event, and both lamented that they can’t tell the difference between one firm to another –they all offer similar promises and relationships. The opportunity for PR firms to be more vocal in the areas of expertise they provide are at hand. PR firms
should become part of the community they serve –regardless of the client they have on the accounts receivable. Instead, be known as the expert firm in your industry, not just pitching, but also serving and helping beyond your clients needs. There’s a business opportunity here for some smart entrepreneur to create a VRM system that allows clients to recommend PR firms to other brands.
3) Extend to the Entire Customer Lifecycle I alluded to this yesterday in the panel, but this is perhaps the single largest opportunity for the evolved PR firm. As we know “Public” relations involves prospects and customers, social technologies mush up the lines between when this starts and stops. As a result, PR firms how learn how to offer value to other areas of the organization beyond corporate communications can find new revenue buckets in
product marketing, product management, product support, and beyond.
4) Fix Your Own Damn Reputation I’ll hit this again: it’s very ironic that an industry so focused on keeping the image of their clients reputation pristine is unable to shine their own shingle. Use these social tools to tell your story –and to get your clients to tell your story –on your behalf. Although the HORN group was the only firm to take this challenge head on, the industry as a whole needs to fix this, but it can’t be insular within the PR community, but looking outside the circle of pros.

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